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Wake up “Blue Dogs,” your party is being hijacked

In 1828 a war hero by the name of Andrew Jackson ran for the Presidency of the United States representing the Democratic Party. During that campaign, opponents of Jackson called him a jackass for his populist views.
However, rather than rejecting the label, Jackson was so amused he used the symbol of the animal on his campaign posters. Since then, that symbol has been used to represent the Democratic Party in official propaganda.
The double irony of this historical tidbit drips like honey from a bee hive.
The fact that a populist candidate (hello never-Trumpers) represented the Democratic Party is so hysterical, it makes me achoke on my Cheerios! Secondly, true to the symbol that represents a party on a path to Communism, the National Democratic Party has become herd of jackasses!
Now, let me clarify something. I did not say that every Democrat is a jackass, so don’t go all Rashida Tlaib on me and call me a party racist.
I can remember a time when a Democrat was not an East/West Coast uber-liberal nut job, especially here in Louisiana. There was a time when people were associated with the Democratic Party because that is what their father, grandfather and even great-grandfather registered as when it was time to do so.
These Democrats are called “Blue Dog” Democrats and are more conservative in their voting record than most Democrats. Currently, there are 27 in the House of Representatives; but, in terms of local politics, “Blue Dogs” come in greater numbers.
Well, I’m here to tell these “Blue Dogs” something they probably already know. Those same jackasses are looking to tear down this country and turn it into something that is unrecognizable have hijacked your party and they are not taking any prisoners if you do not pander to their Communistic ideals.
Just take a look at the policies and ideas that are being put forward by ignorant, brainwashed Neo-Marxsist/Alinsky protégés like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Issues like abortion, immigration, energy, healthcare have all been twisted into what Ocasio-Cortez and her cronies call Democratic Socialism; a name that makes the uniformed public believe that they still have Democracy on their mind. Ocasio-Cortez believes she is in control of the party, even going so far to claim that she is taking names of those Democrats who vote with Republicans so that she can find other Marxist liberals to oust them from their seats.
Make not mistake, these radicals do not want this country to continue on the path of the Representative Democracy created by the founding fathers. Instead they want power where they can control the government to be able to run every aspect of your life, including the decision of who should have the privilege to live.
Take the two issues of healthcare and abortion. With healthcare, the Communistic arm of the left is desperate to make universal health care the law of the land because they say everyone is entitled to “free, basic healthcare”.
However, what those that promote this concept fail to tell you is what happens when the money runs out. At that point, healthcare is rationed and decisions are made by those in power; decisions about who can and cannot receive the proper healthcare necessary to sustain a minimal quality of life. And unless you are one of those in power, good luck when you reach your elderly years.
Now on to the subject of abortion. When Roe vs. Wade was brought before the Supreme Court, the justices who voted to strike down the Texas law against criminalizing abortion used the argument that women had a right to privacy given to them in the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.
I am not here to argue the merits of Roe vs. Wade, that is for another place and another time. Instead I’m here to talk about how far the Marxist left has taken Roe vs. Wade and turned it into the most horrific case of mass murder this country has ever seen.
The new abortion law that just passed in the New York state senate, the abortion law that was considered in Virginia and the abortion law being considered in Illinois should make anyone with any type of morals puke. First of all, this issue should not be decided by a small group of immoral people, but instead by a vote of all person’s in the United States.
I tell you what, let’s forget the religious aspect for argument’s sake. Even if you consider yourself an agnostic or an atheist, just the thought of taking the life of an innocent child has to stir the consciousness of humanity within you.
Life, the most precious gift given to us, is sacrosanct not only in terms of humanity, but most definitely in terms of God’s promise to humankind. To take that gift and turn it into something as vile as abortion goes against everything that makes us children of God and human beings.
After the latest vote in the United States Senate in which 44 senators, including several Presidential candidates, voted not to hold medical practitioners responsible for providing medical care to a child born alive after an attempted abortion, we can all see where the Marxist left stands on the protection of innocent lives.
To be fair, Republicans are not the be all, end all to the woes of this country. And, President Trump is not the angelic answer to what ails the United States. However, Republicans are not the one’s trying to tear the constitution up into a million pieces.
Why was Trump able to carry Democratic foothold states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? Because the people in the middle part of this nation are not stupid and are more center-right leaning than the worst/least coast media would have you to believe.
And, now that the National Democratic Party has shown which direction they are allowing the Ocasio-Cortezes of the world to take it, don’t be surprised if Trump wins more electoral votes in 2020.
So, I am begging the moderate Democrats, the “Blue Dogs”, to fight the overtake your party and this country. Your country. The country that the writers of the constitution envisioned. Because if you don’t, the demise of the United States will not only be on your conscious but also on your hands.
Just my opinion!!!

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