Gaige Thille (middle) poses with his mom Amanda and dad David as he signs to play football with Lyon College in Batesville, Ark. (Photo courtesy of Sacred Heart)

Thille to continue gridiron career with Lyon College

A note to teenagers: don’t be so outdone when parents “pry” into your life.
This is one lesson that Sacred Heart’s Gaige Thille has come to understand all too well.
Thille, the son of David and Amanda Thille owes a big part of his new found chance at continuing his gridiron career to one very concerned mom.
See, Thille had received a letter from Lyon College head coach Mick Palase in Feburary of last year. But, Thille misplaced the letter until his mom found it and opened it up.
One thing led to another and Thille contacted Palase, who in turn offered him come up to the school in March of this year to check out the NAIA program.
Before Thille left the liberal arts school located in Batesville, Arkansas, Palase had offered him a scholarship. But, more impressive than that is the fact that Thille was also offered an academic scholarship as well.
“I really enjoyed my visit up there,” stated Thille. “The coaches seemed excited to get to know me and to start working with me in the fall. After I left, I went home and thought hard about going up there and being so far away from home. It took me about two weeks before I really decided to go and continue playing a sport I love.”
For any person, whether they are an athlete or not, moving hours away from home can be a huge adjustment and Thille knows that all too well.
“The biggest thing for me will be having to learn how to manage my time and learn how to be a student-athlete,” commented Thille. “I have been told that it is a full time job. Being away will take a while to get used to, but I am really ready to play college football and I think that it is worth it. My parents are excited for me to have this chance, but I know it will be hard on them also, especially my mom.”
The Trojan center did not get to fully enjoy his entire high school career, as he sat on the sideline his entire junior season with an injury. So, getting the chance to play football for four more years had a nice ring to it.
“It was really hard not to be able to play my junior season,” said Thille. “Knowing that I did not have the chance to contribute to the team and having to watch on the sideline was a difficult thing. This opportunity will totally make up for that.”
Coach Palase has told Thille that he will be utilized as a fullback in the spread offense of the Scots.
Thille will be majoring in either pre-engineering or math. After his four years at Lyon, he will continue with his engineering degree.

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