Holding on to four quarterbacks was never going to work

Raise your hand if you thought that the LSU Tigers were really going to be able to keep all four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster.
Now those of you who have their hand up, go and find an episode of Fantasy Island, because that is all it was, a fantasy.
When newly transferred “Jeaux” Burrow strolled into town after spring training, I knew deep down inside that at least one of the four quarterbacks were headed another direction, despite the “sneaux” job that Ed Orgeron was trying to sell.
What I didn’t expect was to see two of those four hit the road for supposedly greener pastures. My bet was that McMillian or maybe even Brennan would be the one to part ways with the Tigers, but I never envisioned Narcisse high tailing (no pun intended) it out of Tigerland.
For McMillian, it was the smart choice. The Texas product had already graduated and could transfer anywhere without consequences. And, he still has two years of eligibility left.
However, I don’t think Narcisse thought the matter through. I know what he said. He wanted to be thought of as a quarterback and not a circus side show freak, only touching the ball on Wildcat plays.
Nevertherless, does anyone think that Narcisse will ever make it to the NFL as a quarterback? My money says no way. His best shot, in my view was to stay on at LSU, showcase his athletic ability and find a way to make it to the next level as a Darren Sproles type player.
Regardless, both McMillian and Narcisse have made their decisions and there is nothing that can be done now.
So, the question begs to be asked. How does this reflect on Orgeron?
I really don’t think this is a negative. I believe Orgeron picked Ensminger as his offensive co-ordinator for one reason only; he always wanted to run a pro-style scheme. Remember, LSU is not the only team in the country with a QB controversy. (See Alabama).
Now with Burrow and Brennan left behind, that direction can be followed. Don’t get me wrong, only having two qualified guys on the roster to guide this team is a little unnerving. But if the o-line is as good as it is supposed to be, neither quarterback should see much turf on their back.
Just my opinion!

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