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Jenna Andrus before getting her hair cut,

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Jenna after. (Photos courtesy of Amy Andrus)

Andrus donates her hair to Wigs for Kids

Jenna Andrus, at the age of nine, decided to do something special for children dealing with cancer by donating her hair to Wigs for Kids. Andrus is a student at James Stephens Montessori in Ville Platte and is the daughter of Jean and Amy Andrus.
“Whenever I was younger,” Andrus said, “I was walking out of the store and saw this family. Three people in the family were wearing hats over their heads, and it looked like they had no hair. That made me sad.”
She continued, “Whenever I started watching Alexa and Katie, Alexa had cancer, and all of her hair fell out. I started thinking maybe some people are getting bullied because their hair is so short, especially people with cancer. I didn’t like that feeling, so that’s what made me want to donate my hair.”
After cutting her hair, Andrus said it feels “weird to have my hair this short because I’ve always had my hair so long.”
However, she added there are some benefits of having short hair. As she said, “Now, my hair doesn’t get stuck anywhere, and I can actually put on my seat belt without getting my hair stuck.”
All-in-all, donating her hair makes Andrus, as she explained, “feel good to help people because I knew I just helped a family.”

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