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The Marks Post: A nanny state of affairs

In times of crisis like this, leaders step up to the plate to be a beacon of hope and to guide people through the troubling times. Governor John Bel Edwards, however, is not one of these leaders.
While several of his fellow governors across the country were outlining sensible ideas of reopening their states this week, Governor Edwards foolishly announced Monday that he is extending his Stay at Home Order until May 15. That announcement came on the same day that St. Landry Parish officials announced a plan to reopen the parish on Tuesday.
I know he is a West Point graduate, but our governor's decision was idiotic. He must really want to destroy our state's economy and its people who are hurting. Unemployment claims are through the roof and will only climb higher over the next two weeks. People want to go back to work to make a living for themselves and their families.
The number of cases and deaths nationwide and across the state are declining. But, what are increasing are the number of people who are anxious and depressed, addicted, and suicidal. Should not the governor worry about those members of our state as well?
I am sure Governor Edwards has his reasons for his decision. I have mine, and they are politically motivated.
Governor Edwards is a Democrat, and leftists are trying to string out this COVID-19 until Election Day.
Impeachment failed, so they want to nail President Trump to this tree. Look and see which states have the most stringent Stay at Home Orders. They are the ones with Democratic governors.
Also, Democrats, like Governor Edwards, like running our lives. They want all power and authority to lie with them. They want the public to be totally dependent on them and subservient to them. Every time they get a little power, they run with it. It is like a dog with a new toy. It is easy to give a dog that new toy but way harder to take it away from them.
Democrats, like Governor Edwards, want the people to be totally dependant on them. They want to create a nanny state. This is Socialism 101. Our fathers and grandfathers did not die on the field of battle for our great nation to become like Eastern Europe.
Another politically motivated reason is the almighty dollar. The governor is still seeing dollar signs from the federal government. He is banking on using those federal funds to balance the state's budget and to fund his pet projects. His much loved gas tax failed over the past couple years, so this is a new route to generate those funds. The other side of the coin, here, could be that the governor wants the economy to tank so then he can muster enough support for higher taxes such as the gas tax.
This decision leaves many people around the state, me included, utterly dumbfounded. But, we have options to voice our feelings. Let us go down the aisles at Walmart the way we want to and not one way like they want us to. Let us order food in the restaurants and eat with our family and friends in the parking lot. Let us hold hands with our neighbor in worship in on Sunday mornings. Let us protest with signs and banners in front of the capitol in Baton Rouge and in front of the governor's mansion.
Let us also send letters and messages to Governor Edwards and our legislative leaders in Baton Rouge letting them know our civil rights and civil liberties are being trampled with this Stay at Home Order.
It is time we let Governor Edwards know we have enough and it is time to reopen our state. We want to go forward instead of always going backward.

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