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Turkey Creek police chief goes on defensive during council meeting

Turkey Creek Police Chief Shawn Eckhart was put on the defensive at the council meeting held Tuesday, June 16, after Eric Chapelle brought up certain Facebook posts on the chief’s personal page.
“I think a lot of it is not appropriate and not professional,” Chapelle said. “You’re supposed to be representing this town not putting it down.”
Chief Eckhart replied, “That’s my private life, and my private life is none of your concern unless it discredits this department or this town. And, none of it does.”
The volley continued back and forth and reached its zenith when Chapelle accused Chief Eckhart of being above the law.
“The only person going to judge me is God,” the chief replied to Chapelle, “and you’re not Him. You make your decisions.”
Councilman Joey Ducote, then, expressed toward Chief Eckhart, “This is not professional. It’s derogative.”
He added, “I’m just telling you how I feel as a councilman. I don’t appreciate it. Facebook does a lot of great things, but it caused chaos in the town.”
“We don’t have to kill a dead horse,” rebutted the chief.
To which Councilman Ducote replied, “I’m not asking to kill a dead horse. I’m asking for the flies to leave it alone.”
The council later voted to:
• amend 2019-2020 proprietary fund, general fund, and sales tax fund budgets.
• adopt the 2020-2021 proprietary fund, general fund, and sales tax fund budgets.
• amend the salary of Village Clerk Melissa Ferguson.

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