Turkey Creek council proposes ordinance for cross-connection requirements for business owners

Several new ordinances were discussed and proposed during the Turkey Creek Council meeting on Tuesday, including one that will require businesses to add a cross-connection to its water line for back flow prevention.
During the meeting, water department employee, Willie Powers, explained, “The Louisiana Department of Health is requiring cross-control and back flow prevention for all low, medium and high risk carriers.”
These, according to Village Mayor Heather Cloud, includes businesses that “pose a threat for back flow issues.” Powers shared that these businesses would be ones such as stores, car washes and restaurants.
This proposed ordinance, according to powers, is being mandated by the state. “There is no cutting corners,” said Powers. “And, they are requiring us to make sure it happens.”
Powers also shared that he had a discussion with state engineers, who said, “business owners have to pay for it to be put on their side of the water line,” and that the owners “have to have it installed by a licensed plumber with the state, as well as have it tested every year by a licensed plumber through the state.”
According to Powers, there are also guidelines through the plumbing code “not to have your water hose in a swimming pool because if you were to ever have back siphoning or a major leak then everybody would be drinking pool water.”
Powers shared an example during the meeting of several instances where individuals put their water hose in a swimming pool while filling it and when a leak occurred it contaminated the water system. “This happened in North Louisiana and people started getting sick,” said Powers. “Then they had millions and millions of dollars to pay in lawsuits.”
A public hearing will be held on this matter before the council’s next meeting on September 18, 2018 beginning at 6:20 p.m.
The other two ordinances proposed during the meeting were for the 2018/2019 LGAP (Local Government Assistance Program) grant for $25,000 and the 2018/2019 CWEF (Community Water Enrichment Fund) grant also for $25,000.
Mayor Cloud suggested that the money received from these grants be put towards painting the Turkey Creek water tower.
According to village engineer Adam Janet, the village currently has approximately $29,800 saved for this project. However, he estimates that it could cost anywhere from $55,000 to $80,000 to have the water tower repainted.
Although the grants applied for are in the amount of $25,000, Janet explained that the village may not receive the entire $25,000 for each grant. This is due to the fact that, according to Janet, the grants are limited funding and will be divided between other municipalities in the parish.
Before accepting the proposed ordinances, the council agreed to take Mayor Cloud’s advice and chose to dedicate any funding received from these grants to repainting the water tower.
In other business, the council approved the creation of a cemetery board for a cemetery that is overseen by the Evangeline Parish Police Jury. A letter will now be submitted from the village to the EPPJ for its approval.

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