Pine Prairie Mayor wants council to crack down on dog traps and on abandoned properties

During the monthly meeting of the Pine Prairie Village Council Thursday night, Mayor Quint West advised the council about dog traps in the village.
“We need to find a way for people to stop taking dog traps,” he said. “We are missing some. We are looking to buy a few more, but I don’t know how we’re going to catch them. We are also starting to get pitbulls. People are taking advantage of it, but I’m about to crack down on that. I’m going to read the dog ordinances, and we will follow every protocol. I’m going to make sure we get them out. They know they can’t have them in here.”
Mayor West also advised that he will be cracking down on abandoned properties. As he said, “I feel like we are being taken advantage of. They know we are all nice people and think we aren’t going to do anything.”
Mayor West along with the village councilwomen each gave an update on the status of projects around the village. According to the mayor, some of the potholes had been fixed. He also said that the ballpark is beginning to look better.
Councilwoman Tammy Hammond stated about the ballpark, “The girls’ side is getting started. I guess we just need to make sure the grass is cut”
Councilwoman Debbie Ogea added, “We need to clean a lot of ditches for drainage purposes and the culverts. The ditches need to be done.”
“I agree with you,” Mayor West expressed. “We almost need to map out and say to the workers these need to be done right away.”

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