Pictured above are family and friends of De’Lanzo Veal, who gathered at the courthouse last Saturday for a rally for justice. Veal was shot and killed in Evangeline Parish in June of this year. The individual who has been arrested for the crime is Brandon Perkins. Pictured in no particular order is Martekia Sparks, Sparkle Sparks, Brandie Anderson and Alonda Veal. (Gazette photo by Sylis Manuel)

Murder victim’s family demands justice with rally

A rally took place at the Evangeline Parish Courthouse Saturday where the family of De’Lanzo Veal, who was shot and killed in the Beaver area this past June, was demanding justice for their loved one.
The gathering was prompted by the results of a pre-trial hearing for the defendant in this matter, which took place in November.
At the hearing, the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office failed to provide evidence and documentation that it had been ordered to turn over to the District Attorney’s Office as well as the defendant Brandon Perkins’ attorneys.
According to Veal’s uncle Johnny Anderson, who spoke during the rally, his family is concerned the investigation has been tainted.
Anderson said, “We are concerned because the sheriff’s office is saying it could not be determined if a fingerprint or DNA was on the shell casing. Another concern we have is did they (investigators) secure the crime scene correctly.”
Anderson also expressed his family’s concern about the sheriff’s office being the agency performing the investigation.
According to Anderson, the number two guy at the sheriff’s office was the individual in charge of security at the event where the murder occurred. He said, “When you oversee the security at an event, you are from where the defendant is from and you know the people involved, then you should remove yourself from the investigation. I don’t like the appearance of home cookin’ propriety of the investigation.”
Anderson continued, “We don’t want this investigation to be tainted because then the district attorney isn’t going to be able to prosecute. The district attorney has to depend on the sheriff for good information. That is the only way he can prosecute.”
The victim’s uncle made it clear that he and the rest of Veal’s family wish that Louisiana State Police would take over the investigation into the death of their loved one.
“They (sheriff’s office) need to bring this investigation to State Police,” said Anderson. “Let them investigate and then you remove all possible conflicts of interest. And, hopefully the investigation isn’t already too badly tainted.”
The rally on Saturday was merely the first gathering the Veal family intends on organizing. Therefore, Anderson said you can expect more gatherings as the defendant’s next court date approaches on February 21, 2019.
Anderson said, “They haven’t heard the last from us. We are going to keep demanding justice for Zo (De’Lanzo Veal).”

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