Judge sets Isaac Foret’s bond at $250,000

On Thursday, a man accused of murdering an individual from Turkey Creek appeared before Judge Gary Ortego for a bond hearing.
In this matter, John Isaac Foret, of Ville Platte, was indicted on one count of second degree murder by an Evangeline Parish Grand Jury on May 30, 2018. Since his detainment on May 21, 2018, Foret has been held without bond.
During the hearing on Thursday, Foret’s council, attorneys Mike Small and Jacob Fusilier, called the defendant’s mother to the stand where she testified that if a bond were set for her son and he was released she would make sure he followed the bond stipulations set forth by the court.
While on the stand, she also testified that if her son was able to bond out of jail he would return to her home on Scenic Drive in Ville Platte, and that if he violated any bond stipulations she would report those actions to law enforcement officers.
The State, which is being represented by First Assistant District Attorney Marcus Fontenot, stated in court that it understands that Foret is entitled to a bond. However, the ADA also pointed out that bond is meant to ensure a defendant will report to court for his of her court dates and to protect citizens.
For that reason, the State requested that Foret continue to be held without bond to protect the victims in this matter and witnesses, one of which Foret was arrested for intimidating days after the shooting occurred.
When the Judge ruled in this matter, he stated that this incident is a crime of violence, but there is not evidence that Foret has ever skipped any court dates in the past. He went further to say after considering public safety, the State’s request to hold Foret without bond was denied.
Originally Foret’s council requested that his bond be set at $150,000.00. However, Judge Ortego ruled that it be set at $250,000.00.
Along with Foret’s bond amount, Judge Ortego stipulated that if the defendant does make bond and is released he is ordered to not have any contact with victims or witnesses in this matter, he cannot use the internet, and he is not allowed to possess any firearms or weapons. Judge Ortego also required that Foret be fitted with an ankle monitoring device at his own cost if released.
At press time, Foret remained incarcerated.
His probing date has been set for August 2, 2018 and his trial has been set for August 13, 2018.

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