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City of Ville Platte releases budget figures

Proposed at the city council meeting this past Tuesday was the City of Ville Platte’s 2020-2021 Budget for the new fiscal year beginning Wednesday,
July 1.
The proposed budget includes total revenues in the amount of $13,365,724.00. Of that, $10,437,030.00 comes from local sources. Coming from state funds is $2,083,694.00 and from federal funds is $845,000. The total amount of revenues is down from the $13,387,905.00 that was projected at the same time last year.
On the expenditure side, the city is projected to spend a total amount of $14,502,257.00. That total figure is up from the proposed $13,387,905.00 at this time last year.
The following is a brief breakdown of the city’s projected expenditures:
General government------ $2,102,600.00
Police-------------------------- $1,815,112.00
Fire---------------------------- $1,219,100.00
Streets and drainage------ $2,430,745.00
Culture and recreation------ $913,900.00
Gas department------------ $1,580,300.00
Water department--------- $2,046,400.00
Sewer department--------- $1,322,100.00
Nonoperating------------------ $432,000.00
Urban redevelopment
and housing------------------------ $640,000

The proposed budget includes financing sources including the sale of capital assets in the amount of $25,000.00 and the transfer in of $4,161,600.00
The net change in fund balance/net position in the proposed budget is -$1,111,533.00. However, the estimated beginning fund balance/net position is $14,609.791.00 leaving an estimated ending fund balance/net position of $13,498,258.00.
A further breakdown of the total expenditures reveals the projected salaries for the mayor and council members. The following is a breakdown of those figures:
Mayor’s compensation
Salary----------------------------- $70,000.00
Phone allowance------------------- $720.00
Council compensation
Salary----------------------------- $51,600.00
Auto allowances---------------- $21,600.00
Per diem---------------------------- $9,360.00

The budget will be voted on at a meeting held Friday, June 26, at 12 noon.

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