Chief Lartigue reports several break-ins; offers tips to protect belongings

A rash of vehicle break-ins have led Ville Platte Chief of Police Neal Lartigue to offer tips to the community to combat these crimes.
The most recent break-ins, according to the chief, have occurred in the area of Scenic Drive and Dohman Drive.
In a release from Chief Lartigue it states in two of the incidents, which occurred on, Saturday, September 29, “nothing was taken from the vehicle.” However, in another situation, “a wallet was taken from one vehicle but was recovered a short distance away from the owner’s residence on Dohman Drive.”
On Scenic Drive, “a wallet, checkbook and one handgun were taken from a vehicle.”
On Monday, October 8, more break-ins occurred on Scenic Drive and Dohman Drive. A purse was taken, and then later located and returned to the owner with the contents still inside. During the October 8th break-ins, a vehicle was also “broken into and rummaged through but nothing was reported missing from the vehicle.”
Since the break-ins, Chief Lartigue stated in his release, “Patrols haves been stepped up in the area,” and he asks “everyone to report anyone suspicious in the area and remember lock the doors of your vehicle and other buildings on your property.”
The chief also said, “Be vigilant in not only locking your vehicle doors but also in removing anything of value from the vehicle which may tempt these criminals. If you notice people in your neighborhood or near a neighbor’s residence that do not appear to belong there, please call us immediately.”
Chief Lartigue stated that reporting suspicious people will allow the officers to identify them and obtain information that can be investigated in the occurrence. “Sometimes residents of the city do not call because they are afraid they are bothering the officers but rest assured that is not the case.” Chief Lartigue stated. “Since we cannot be everywhere at one time, we ask that you let us know if you see anyone suspicious.”
According to the chief, some residents do not report suspicious activity because they are afraid. In response to this, Chief Lartigue said, “We do not give out any information regarding who called in and reported suspicious people or activity so do not fear calling us. We are here to protect and serve, part of that protection is keeping your information anonymous. It is our mission to remove these criminals from our streets and we are stepping up patrols and gathering information to investigate and apprehend the suspects.”
To report suspicious people or activity and illegal activity, Chief Lartigue asks that you call the Ville Platte Police Department at (337) 363-1313. The chief said, “If you see something, say something. Your call will remain anonymous.”

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