Candidate announcement

I, Mayor Heather Cloud, am running for the office of Secretary of State of Louisiana. I have held the executive office of mayor of the Village of Turkey Creek for nearly eight years, and I am the President of the Evangeline Parish Sales Tax Commission.
I am the mother of two sons, Logan age 15 and Ethan age 11, and I have been happily married to Jody Cloud for almost 18 years. Together Jody and I own two local businesses, Jody Cloud Trucking and Miss Sue’s Café.
I ran for the office of mayor in 2011 because there were issues that I felt needed to be addressed immediately and effectively. During these years, I have assembled a wonderful team who has brought recognition and credibility to our village government.
I ran for the office of mayor because I was needed then, and am running for Secretary of State because I am needed now. I‘ve never been one to sit around and complain. Instead, I take action to make a positive difference.
I sincerely care about your right to fair and honest elections. I have first hand knowledge about the short falls of the Louisiana Election Code because I am only person in present-day Louisiana history to successfully challenge an election based on voter fraud. I have gone on to work at the state level to tighten up the election code, and have also been engaged in conversation with True The Vote, a nation wide Election Integrity Organization. No other candidate has invested as much as I have in cleaning up Louisiana Elections to protect your voting rights. If we want a fair government, we have to tackle the problem at its very root-ELECTIONS.
I know that in rural areas like ours, so often we get the crumbs left over at the table. Instead, I say it’s high time we get a seat at the table.
I feel there are two main issues that our next Secretary of State needs to address “head on” immediately. Those are election integrity and voter apathy. I will work diligently to restore confidence in our Louisiana Election System, and I will take on a new roll as Ambassador of Elections.
Though there are nine candidates vying for this office, only two of these candidates have held an executive government seat. I am one of the two candidates.
Please mark your calendar and support me on November 6th.

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