Candidate announcement

The youngest candidate Ville Platte has ever seen? That’s me. I, Kathan Arvie, city council candidate for District F, am pleased to announce my candidacy in this year’s election.
Many may know me as “Taranza’s daughter” or “the basketball player.”
A proud native of Ville Platte, LA, I remember growing up here in the community with limited access to extracurricular activities. It has always been my dream to be able to one day make readily available more activities for the youth.
I vividly remember as a youth, going to the park or playing basketball was my only outlet. Every summer I trained at the park facing Lincoln Road before having to return to finish my collegiate journey at Angelina College. In the sports arena, I have consistently been a role model to many athletes both here in Evangeline Parish and St. Landry. I want to continue to be an advocate and a role model for the youth as I pursue a new path in politics by spreading positivity, love, and hope.
I am hopeful that my campaign will demonstrate to the youth that they too can accomplish anything that they invest their mind and their time in. Investing in the youth in our community should be one of our top priorities here in Ville Platte because, they are our future!
It is my belief that it only takes one person to believe in a kid. Your faith in them can change not only their demeanor, but it can change that young person’s entire outlook on life. In addition to being an inspiration to the youth in the community, I believe the city of Ville Platte needs fresh new ideas and perspectives. I am young and eager to learn and, I also present to you with a mind full of exciting ideas and opportunities to enhance growth.
There is no doubt about the fact that the public also has concerns with our infrastructure. If elected, I would like to propose green efforts to be put in place while the line replacement project is still ongoing.
What are green efforts? Green efforts would include ideas such as: rain gardens, wet and dry swales, french drains and many different green efficient solutions. Green solutions would not only relieve stress on our water system, but it would act as a filter for our drinking water, can reduce flood insurance and put our homes less at risk.
Many might ask, “What are my plans to accomplish this task?” There are many funding opportunities for green projects. If I have learned anything throughout my course of life it is that people have to believe in things even when they are not tangible. Everyone in the community can play a huge role in making Ville Platte a better and safer place to live, not only elected officials. Together, we can! Let us begin today!
I ask that you continue to support me and vote #102 on November 6th .

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