Above: The injuries of EPSO Deputy Holden LaFleur, who was involved in a routine traffic stop that turned deadly, can be seen. The injuries were a result of the suspect striking LaFleur during the traffic stop. (Photo courtesy of the Evangeline Parish District Attorney’s Office)

D.A. Briganc releases more information in regard to deputy involved shooting

On Friday, Evangeline Parish District Attorney Trent Brignac released more information regarding the deputy involved shooting that resulted in the death of DeJuan Guillory on July 6, 2017.
The Mamou man was shot by the deputy during a routine traffic stop where an altercation ensued between the two males and the deputy was struck in the head by Guillory.
While the family maintains that the killing was unjust, a grand jury on Wednesday returned a no true bill of indictment on the officer.
According to the district attorney, this means that the grand jury did not feel that the evidence presented supported a criminal indictment.
Brignac held a meeting with the Guillory family on Thursday, where he shared details of the events that occurred at around 4:00 am on that July morning. He also set up a meeting for 11:00 a.m. on Friday for the family to review more information from the investigation. However, the family was a no show.
The Louisiana State Police’s investigative file reveals that the deputy pulled Guillory, who was accompanied by his girlfriend Dequince Brown, over for driving an ATV on a roadway.
According to the deputy’s interview with State Police, when he first made contact with Guillory, the black male identified himself as Jawaski. However, the deputy stated that he “couldn’t provide a birthdate.”
Guillory and his girlfriend, who claimed to have been going frogging, had no form of identification on them at the time.
According to a timeline of events created by LSP, after learning this information, “the deputy asked the man to come back to his unit, which was about 15 feet away from the four wheeler.”
It was while approaching his vehicle that Guillory “wield and stuck” the officer “multiple times about the face and head.”
This caused the officer to become “dazed, dropping to his knees.”
Brown also confirmed for LSP that “Guillory struck the officer multiple times.”
According to the investigation, after hitting the officer, Guillory
attempted to get on the four wheeler and unsuccessfully attempted to start it.”
In his interview with LSP, the deputy also shared that when he was struck, he lost his glasses.
The officer said that he was “able to quickly regain his composure, right himself and pull his service weapon.”
The deputy then ordered Guillory off of the ATV and on to the ground, where he attempted to handcuff the 27-year-old male.
At this time, the report states that “Guillory reportedly began to struggle and resist.”
Brown admitted, that she then jumped on the deputy’s back and “began to choke and bite him.”
As the struggle continued, the deputy recalled that “both people pulled on his service weapon and attempted to disarm him.”
The deputy described “hearing the words ‘Kille him!’ or ‘Let’s kill him!’ and at that point he feared for his life and was in a life-or-death struggle.”
What came next, according to the investigation, were six shots, “three of which struck Guillory,” and ultimately ended his life.
The investigation revealed that Guillory “attempted to get back on the four-wheeler based upon blood evidence at the scene,” but was unsuccessful.
Guillory was pronounced dead by deputies and medical personnel at the scene.

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