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NOVEMBER 17, 1960 - No other spot in Evangeline Parish is more often visited by more different people than the ruins of the old hospital and home of Dr. J. E. Hawkins at Bayou Chicot. In this day when the structure of Louisiana culture seems to be falling about our heads, it is well to contemplate other times and other days when the world seemed molded nearer our hearts’ desire. If anything can be learned from the Hawkins place, it is the impermanence of human affairs and the works of man. The Hawkins place -- peopled by descendants of those who lived there -- was meant to stand for generations. The doctor and his daughter are buried just to the right of the front steps. Alas for those intentions! Long abandoned now, the house has been ransacked times beyond counting and its heavy brickwork wrecked by “treasure seeker.” Even the graves of old Dr. Hawkins (he died in 1908 at 72) and his daughter Belle Hawkins Quirk (she died in 1892 at 29) have been broken in the search. The hopes and dreams of another age are going with the wind. According to Hugh McDaniel of Pine Prairie, this photograph was taken of the place while the old gentleman was still alive. “I wonder,” McDaniel said, “if anyone recognizes the two little girls on the fence?” Photo courtesy of Albert Carpenter

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